Rock and roll jewellery

Olivia Hainaut's exciting, stylish jewellery collections will bring out the rockstar in you, the famous Belgian designer tells Liz Newmark and shop is like entering a world of famous films or rock bands.

Stepping into Olivia Hainaut's workshop and shop is like entering a world of famous films or rock bands. So many of her pieces recal big names from David Bowie to the Sex Pistols Sid Vicious to the film " Belle du Jour.

The very reasonably priced Collection = from arour 680 to €400 - in siver or gold plate includes brooches, necklaces and rings in limited ecition and unique pieces.

Hainaut's designs are the stuft of dreams.
She creates jewellery, as well as clothes, by transforming resin, metal, leather and chains to create unique pieces.

Her marvels designed to order can be worn as a real statement: punky "dog collars*, leather or metal 'manchettes' or cutts, outsize jewellery, her collections have it all. Special mention is due to the pin badges with otfbeat messages like "Please SURPRISE me' or Viens, on s'en fout,* -a poetic tribute to Belgian humour.

*Our client base focuses on confident women in their 40s and 50s who are old enough not to care so much about fitting in, Hainaut, some of whose pieces are on show in the 'Brussels Touch* exhibition at Brussels' prestigious Fashion and Lace Museum, tells Together.

At her base in central Uccle you can also try out T-shirts, sweatshirts with out-there 88 I togethermaq.eu messages. It is glamour and rock, but her jewellery and clothes are chic and made with sensitivity to0, "just like life," Hainaut says.

She tells Together that post-Covid, selling methods have changed. Instagram has been particularty successful to promote her new designs or collections.

The lockdown itset gave Hainaut the chance to make special "rock and roll' jewellery face masks adorned with ribbons and sequins. Each unique piece was perfect, for example, if you were able to get mamed under Covid rules.

Alter graduating in fashion design from Brussels* La Cambre school in 1993, Oliva Hainaut began to work with leather for Belgian fashion designer Olivier Streilli and with fur for Flemish furrier Water Lecompte, She has also collaborated with the Natan Couture store, taking care of beading or creating jewellery.

In 2016, she teamed up with renowned Belgian hairdresser Olvier Coelho to design daring jewellery - think studded leather collars and oversized pearts - to suit Coelho's exciting hairstyles.

A self-confessed peart and leather fan, Olivia will be pleased to welcome you to her Workshop to discuss your personal creation. Her set pieces are also available online.